The SpotLight can be viewed as two cones with their apexes located at the light's location.
The properties angle sets the angle (in degrees) for which the outer cone
deviates from the light's direction. The exponent property sets the angle for the inner cone.
The angle property is also known as the outer angle or falloff. The exponent property is also known as
the inner angle or hotspot.


new SpotLight(coloropt)

Name Type Attributes Default Description
color Vector3 <optional>
(1, 1, 1)

The color of the light


angle :number

The angle (in degrees) of the cone of light that this spotlight projects (default is 45)

(readonly) direction :Vector3

The direction vector of the light

exponent :number

penumbra :number

The angle to where light is full strength. Then it falls off linearly to the angle-value; penumbra is always smaller than angle. Set to null if the penumbra should be the same as the angle.

range :number

The range of the light (default is 1000)



Updates the light's translation and orientation

Name Type Description
transform Transform